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It is always easy photographing people when you can see and feel the love and bond between them. Whether that be when I am shooting a family, newborn or wedding, it is always easy to capture those beautiful moments when a whole lotta love is evident! No surprise then when I recently shot this maternity shoot for Elena and Luca, it was super easy to capture the love ! Even behind the lens I could feel the bond between them and it was lovely to hear of their love story,different backgrounds and meeting in Sydney.

I am looking forward to capturing them again in the next couple of weeks....when their little bump arrives!


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Sydney Siblings Lil Miss 3 year old Natasha is the beaming older sister and is just besotted with the new arrival of her baby sister , who I have to add , is peachy

picture perfect!

With all of our newborn shoots, they always include a few sibling and family photos. It is making the most of the opportunity and making the most of that special time.



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Sydney Stunner

I am so excited to be back in Sydney and this was one of my first newborn shoots upon my return. Normally I wouldn't use a tutu for a newborn prop however the client had a lovely one which we used and I absolutely love the result. I still cannot decide if I prefer the colour or black and white version. What do you prefer? All in all it was a relaxed and fun shoot and both newborn and toddler (and Mum and Dad!) behaved brilliantly! 

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Ralph and family!  

 A few months ago I photographed this lovely family and their newborn beauty in Southwest London....they did 'prewarn' me that they had a new puppy as well... I was in heaven...a beautiful playful puppy and his newborn brother Ralph who was just as adorable. 

Working with a newborn and a puppy in one sitting....loved it! 

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Family fun shoot

Meet the Chadwicks.... such a lovely family consisting of Mum, Dad and two young boys. 

I had a blast photographing them, starting with some poised portraits in the garden and then when the boys became restless, I followed them around capturing random moments. 

The most magical part is when I followed the boys in under a tree which was like a hidden house and the lighting was beautiful. I coxed Mum and Dad in and loved watching their playfulness and laughter as I was shooting away. It was so lovely to see. 

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Kew Family Shoot

It was a blistering day (in London standards!) when I met Sandy-Lee and he gorgeous family in Kew for a family shoot. I immediately felt at ease with this family and knew the shoot would go well. Her two young boys were fun to work with and we got some lovely family shots with them until their attention turned to exploring and bubble blowing. 

One thing I love about London parks are the constant changes. Every month they seem to change completely...through colour's light and plants. Makes my job more interesting and challenging finding locations that will work...I loved the backdrop of the yellowed grass we found. Which was different again when I went back a few days later.

I was so happy with the photo's of Sandy's shoot...and had a really lovely time hanging out with her family in the park! 

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Baby Thomas

Now I don't know what it is...good luck or a run or calm newborns...but baby Thomas was brilliant in his first photoshoot. He was a little bundle of sleepy squishy perfection...and made for a very relaxed photoshoot. Here are a few of the shots from the day...

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Daddy's little sailor..

God forbid if baby Caden grows up to dislike the water, or suffer sea sickness....his Daddy is starting him early his nautical love and it was important to him to have a few pictures of Caden with some nautical themes. This is not usually  my 'thing'. However I was happy to oblige.  

Caden was a pleasure sleeping throughout most of the shoot. Mum and Dad were in awe, and asked if I was available to come around and settle him later that night....(hhhmmm I politely declined!). I just put this down to my natural baby whispering skills ;) Or most likely the fact that Caden was up all night previously and was utterly exhausted.... Whatever it was, it made for a relaxed and easy shoot. 

I hope to see this lovely family again soon! 

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Double Trouble or Twice as Nice?

When, I was asked to photograph newborn twins Harriet and George my first reaction was....oh my gosh... 

Photographing newborn's can be challenging at the best of time but twins are double the fun. Double the feeds, double the poses, double the settling....double double..double! I was a little nervous to be honest. 

However the day came and Harriet and George proved me wrong. Being incredibly beautiful helped! (the twins...not I..) With their relaxed Mum at hand feeding and a helping set of hands we managed to get some lovely shots of them both individually and together. They were truly a pleasure and definitely twice as nice! I cannot wait to photograph them in another few months time for their family shoot...

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