A fun filled and relaxed shoot! I'm not a scary person, and I want you all to relax in front of the lens so I can capture the true essence of...you! Hard to do I know as the vast majority of us are not professional models...I aim to get a nice mixture of candid moments and posed portraits...you can dictate me on what style you prefer or you can let me go with it and and use my creativity and do what I do best..

What to wear? What you are comfortable in...within reason! Please don't wear bright colours that clash or all black for an outdoor shoot. Also minimal logos and prints. Light colours, neutrals and simple styles work best.

How long will the shoot take? This depends on you all. You know the old saying never work with kids or animals? Well I do..and it is hard to predict a little persons mood on the day, their patience levels and what they will do (or refuse to do). Don't stress if your little people don't cooperate. You will be extremely surprised at the beautiful little moments the camera can capture. Usually a family shoot will take between 1 and 2 hours though.

Can I include my pets? YES! Pets are family too! I am extremely doggy friendly and great working with all animals. I encourage your furry (or not so furry) babies to participate in the shoot if you like. Just speak to me prior to ensure the location is also pet friendly.

What happens if it rains? We will reschedule the shoot to another day that will work for both of us (hopefully including mother nature!)

How long after the shoot until we receive our images? Your images will be edited and delivered to you on a quality USB stick. This is usually approximately 4-6 weeks after your shoot. However, sometimes due to the happenings in life this can change (but if it does I will advise). Of course if you need your images in time for a special date (perhaps fathers day, Christmas etc) please let us know and we will always endevour to deliver within reason.

Where will our shoot take place? This is at an agreeable location between us both. If you have nothing in mind I will be happy to recommend locations I use regulary and know well. At the same time, if you propose to have your shoot at a location that I don't think will be suitable I will advise another location. We can also arrange a combination of inside and outside shots depending on where your location is. 

Do I have to pay upfront? No. However I will require a $50 non refundable deposit to secure your booking. The remainder of the funds will be due on the day of your shoot