Newborns are my specialty!

Working with newborns can be unpredictable and also incredibly rewarding. Patience is needed for a stress free time and I do my best to keep you relaxed and at ease. Newborn shoots normally take place in the mornings (usually approx 10am). This gives us the day ahead to settle and relax baby and ensure we get the shots we are after. The newborn shoot does include pictures with the parents and siblings if any so be prepared to jump in the shot as needed. Be prepared to feed your baby during the shoot if and when we ask to settle (and of course when baby is hungry on his/her own terms). The aim is to keep baby settled happy and ending in the blissful state of sleep! We ask that any routine is thrown out the window....for the sake of art ! Please also feel reassured that I am fully trained in safe newborn posing techniques, fully insured, hold the working with children checks and I have ample experience working with newborn babies (and stressed out parents).

How long will the shoot take? Anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on baby

Am I vaccinated? Yes. I am fully vaccinated to help protect your new addition.

When should I book in my newborn shoot? Are you pregnant now? Well then call and book in! We only accept one newborn shoot a day due to the time constraints. It is best to book your shoot in within the first 2 weeks after babies birth. Anything after two weeks of age risks milk spots and is increasingly difficult to achieve the squishy newborn shots we all love. Once you know your due date, book us in within the two weeks following. We know the chances are your shoot will not fall on the booked date due to little things getting in the way such as baby not coming on time, coming early etc. However we are always very flexible and can move your booking around to suit. Also, if you have just had your new addition, please call us asap to see if we can fit you in. We always do our best to try and accommodate you.

Can I have a newborn shoot for an older baby? YES! You can but we must be patient with baby and be prepared for more settling time. It is harder to achieve the newborn squishy shots with older babies but I do my best and it all depends on what baby decides on the day. We can do more wrapped and simple poses if baby does not settle.

Where will the shoot take place? In the comfort of your home. I will bring all the props and equipment needed. You supply the baby! (and perhaps coffee!)

What will I dress baby in? It doesn't matter. As essentially for the shoot baby will be naked and or wrapped in our props.

What to have on hand for baby? Nappies, dummies and if your not breast feeding please have ample supplies of milk.

How long after the shoot will I receive my photos? We aim to deliver the USB holding the images within 4-6 weeks from the date of the shoot. Please be aware that time lines are flexible and this could be earlier or later if unexpected delays arise. I am happy to email a few 'sneak peaks' to you while you are waiting on your USB to arrive..usually a few days after your shoot.

If you require your images by a certain date or for a special occasion please advise us prior to your booking so we can confirm if this is possible or not. We will endeavour to do all we can to work within timelines.

What if you cannot decide? The competition is tough in today's photography market. However if you are after a newborn shoot please choose a photographer that specialises in this and has lots of experience with newborns. Newborn photography is completely different than a family shoot or other event. I often get asked to reshoot a session that has gone wrong when the client has chosen a photographer who hasn't worked with newborns. Pick your photographer based on their reviews, their portfolio, their experience and if they work with newborns regularly. As a huge part of the process is knowing how to settle baby and keep everyone at ease you need to feel reassured that your chosen photographer is an expert at this. Pick up the phone and talk to them if you are unsure. Usually, if its the right photographer for you you will know. In saying this if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me to discuss.